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Poster: C. G. Estabrook Date: Jan 11, 2005 10:12am
Forum: general Subject: Dot-like hyphen gives odd results.

The dot-like hyphen ("·") gives odd readings in the search results.

When I make a show and set the description to something involving such a character ("alpha · beta"), then search for that show with the search prompt on every page, I get either:

alpha · beta
alpha ?? beta

Obviously, two question marks is not the right answer. I think that this is not a web browser issue because sometimes it turns out okay.

Check out for an example of what I'm talking about and then search for "News From Neptune" and scroll around in the found items to see the 2004-05-08 show entry. If the search results seem okay to you, hit the "Go" button on the search and see the results again. When I do this repeatedly and look at the search results, sometimes I see the raised dot, sometimes I see the double question marks.

The details page is never wrong, further suggesting an problem, not a web browser problem.

I avoided this problem by using HTML markup on the details page, but the markup turns into something not easily read on the search page. So the HTML markup doesn't really help.